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BEŠEŇOVÁ otvára najväčšiu exteriérovú sauna na Slovensku - SAUNOVÝ DÓM

BEŠEŇOVÁ (22.12.2017) - Rok 2017 je pre vodný park Bešeňová rokom neustálych zmien a napredovania. V závere starého roka prichádza do termálneho srdca Liptova špeciálna novinka v podobe najväčšej exteriérovej sauny na Slovensku - Saunového dómu Tlačová správa (.pdf).

The dance fever of Bešeňová will introduce beautiful underwater art

BEŠEŇOVÁ (25th July 2017) - Clients of the water park of Bešeňová will enjoy dance stars such as Laci Strike and his street dance academy, dance groups Vivas and Freeze, as well as Freddy Ayisi and his dance combined with yoga.Press release (pdf.)

The Midsummer Night in Bešeňová has a ritual power


BEŠEŇOVÁ (22nd June 2017) – Health is said to come from inside but sometimes help from outside is not bad either. Press release (.pdf).

The summer in Bešeňová will be launched in style

BEŠEŇOVÁ (15th June 2017) – Health, fashion, beauty, relaxation in water and delicious food in a luxurious place. All this pleasure is waiting for visitors of the water park of Bešeňová on 23rd and 24th June.
Press release(.pdf).

Bešeňová - a new era, a new brand

Introducing a new brand to journalists and the public. Investments, plans and intentions of the company. What brings about a new vision, what are the needs of visitors and how the "new" Bešeňová water park will try to satisfy its customers.
Press releaselačová (.pdf)


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