Dance fever in Bešeňová

Summer is in full swing and ideal for entertaining oneself. Dance with us and have fun in Bešeňová!

Dance fever in Bešeňová

Water park of Bešeňová – 29/7/2017 from 10:00am

July will end with dancing and great fun at pools in our park. All age groups will be dancing and enjoying a rich dancing programme all day long.

What can you expect? Water dance – synchronised swimmers with the theme song of Bešeňová playing in the background. Laci Strike and his Street Academy will be the biggest dance stars of the event. And as Bešeňová prefers healthy lifestyle, look forward to yoga combined with dancing by Freddy Ayisi. Talented Mamba Dasha will present her beautiful voice in the company of great dancers. The Vivas group will perform their dance creations and offer some dance lessons for adults. There is something for the kids, too. They can enjoy a dance performance and dance lessons of the Freeze group. There is a lot to enjoy! 

Spend an unforgettable dance weekend with your family in Bešeňová. We look forward to welcoming you.

Ticket to Bešeňová + programme only at 19€

Buy on and save 7€.

The price includes:


1-day ticket to the water park of Bešeňová

performances and dance lessons of Laci Strike

dance with yoga by Fredy Ayisi

unique synchronised swimmers in a pool

concert of beautiful and talented Mamba Dasha

rich dance programme with Erika Barkolová

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children from 3  to *6 years

children from 6 to *12 years 

Juniors, students, seniors 60+


Family tickets


Sale 26.-29.7.2017 

14 €17 €20 €23 €55 €


Sale to 25.7.2017

12 €14 €17€19 €45 €



Validity period: 15/6 - 17/9/2017


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