New in the sauna world

The sauna world of Harmónia will offer a new Russian banya – a sauna with whisking treatments.

A new dry sauna

The Harmónia sauna world of Bešeňová is introducing a new product this winter. The dry Finnish sauna will be completely renewed and serve for whisking treatments which will widen the choice of services in the wellness centre. Clients will also have a possibility to book private whisking treatments.


Whisking is one of many sauna rituals that are available in Bešeňová. The ritual has many health benefits – it boosts the blood circulation, immunity, energises and helps treat various diseases such as asthma. Whisks are used for fanning the air or slapping the body gently, which boosts the blood circulation of the skin. The aroma they release has also relaxing effects.

The procedures in the saunas with natural whisks and steam baths are a part of the Slovanic culture. Discover the strength of the forest hidden in tree branches that perfectly harmonize body and mind. Try our new procedure designed for individuals or couples with aromatherapy, gentle massage with full natural essence and nutrients or smoothen your skin with a detoxifying and beautifying peeling that will greatly contribute to revitalizing the soul.


Birch whisks - removes joint pain, has anti-inflammatory effect and cleanses the skin

Oak whisks - have preventive effects, beneficial effects on the skin, blood circulation and normalization of blood pressure

Linden whisks -   removes headaches and prevents influenza illnesses

Whisks procedures help in the treatment of the spine, bronchi, or nervous system.


By using natural whisks in the saunas, their leaves, thanks to heat and moisture, release fragrant essential oils and nutrients that significantly affect not only our skin and mucous membrane but, thanks to their effects, they regenerate the whole body:

  • antiseptic effects
  • disinfectant, antiviral and antibacterial effects
  • strengthening the immunity of the body
  • strengthening the nervous system
  • prevention of convulsions
  • relaxation of the muscles
  • stimulation of blood circulation


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