Documents to download

Documents and files to download for clients of the water park of Bešeňová, business and media partners. 

Bešeňová - water park rules

Online water park rules 

Current price list – SPRING 2018

Discounts for GoPass holders

Current price list – Winter 2017

Discounts for GoPass holders

Complaint policy

Online complaint policy of the water park of Bešeňová

Accommodation complaint policy

Online accommodation complaint policy

Logo - Bešeňová 

Online document with logo and download manual

Map of the Bešeňová water park

Online .pdf file to download

General terms and conditions - WE

Online .pdf file to download

General terms and conditions - EI

Online .pdf file to download

Details about supported projects

Online .pdf file to download

Procurement I

Procurement document

Procurement II

Procurement document

Procurement III

Procurement document

Procurement IV

Procurement document

Podnikanie v energetike

Dokumenty na stiahnutie

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