Photography Exhibition by ĽUBOMÍR SCHMIDA


With its title and a holistic concept Hotel Galeria Thermal Bešeňová is predestined to the natural symbiosis of health, peace and art. A gallery without art is like a soulless body, so the idea was to bring a piece of artistic sophistication to the premises and to establish the tradition of expositions in the hotel. Let us introduce you the 3rd exhibition of the series – this time it is an exhibition of photographs from the beautiful region of Liptov taking place in the premises of the holistic Hotel Galeria Thermal in Bešeňová.


The author of the unique photographs ĽUBOMÍR SCHMIDA found his own way to photography as five-year-old. He has been devoted to his exhibition “THE ELEMENTS OF THE EARTH” for more than 30 years and you have an opportunity to see it in our hotel.   

During the systematic production he had tried many genres and techniques, and finally the landscape photography fascinated him so much that he has remained faithful to it until today. His work was also influenced by the tendency to capture natural formations and atmospheric events in nature. Under this term you will find everything that can be captured in nature. For example sunrise or sunset, interesting clouds, mists, strong lightning, space objects, and exceptional rainbows. These all are elements that the author likes to immortalize. Beautiful sceneries come from the regions of Liptov, Malá and Veľká Fatra (Small and Great Fatra), Tatras and Orava.

He has exhibited The Elements of the Earth in different states of European Union and it was part of several significant international saloons where the author gained various awards. His main collection consists of photographs of Slovak nature and UNECSO sites. For his artistic activity he also won the titles AFIAP, MZSF, and AZSF. Ľubomír Schmida gives lectures at various professional seminars; he is the Chairman of the Association of Slovak Photographers, a member of SNC FIAP and the Director of European Photofest of Fotoclubs. 

„Photography for me is a way of stopping time and capturing an unrepeatable moment in nature. I can share this moment with people who were not in the place of stopping time, and that's why photography has the amazing power of captured nature.“ Ľubomír Schmida