Summer in motion

Every weekend with another rhythm. Summer full of water adventures in Bešeňová.   

Summer in motion

Great musicians will join us this summer again and guarantee unforgettable weekends in Bešeňová.

The season is going to be launched in a traditional way – with the stylish Bešeňová fashion opening. The third film-themed fashion show held over thermal pools will present creations of Nicollas Berenique, Eva Vontorová, Kinga Krool, Ida Sandor & Helmst design versus Nela Slováková and Noemi Braz.

Sima Martausová is going to open our artistic summer with her concert and the Mafia Corner, a famous Slovak band plans continue with the music trend. Kids will love a full day with the Smurfs on 20.7. and Dominika Mirgová is going to present her greatest hits at the end of July. Folklore is a significant part of the Slovak culture and will be represented by folk bands Dora and Lúčan this year. The Modus Memory band is going to remind us of well-known hits and fans of the Czecho-Slovakia´s Got a Talent show can look forward to Adela Radimcová´s performance. The U2 revival band is scheduled for the end of the holidays. 

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Folklore Day - 3.8.2019 

Spend an original day with:

  • folklore-style activities for kids
  • thematic sauna rituals
  • folklore band performances – Dora and Lúčan
  • 18 pools and 13 water slides.

The Lúčan band has been popular on the domestic as well as international scene for over 40 years and helps make the Slovak culture popular all around the world. The Dora band pays tribute to Slovak traditions with unique rock remakes of folk songs.

Modus Memory - 10.8.2019

Modus group´s repertoire belongs to the golden pop music fund. The main author, the most recent jubilee, is Janko Lehotský. Even Meky Žbirka, Marika Gombitová, and other singers, who went through Modus, contributed to the fact that his songs hit the hearts of the younger and middle generation at the turn of the 70's and 80's.




Adela Radimcová - 17.8.2019

The talented Czech singer is well-known from the TV show Czecho-Slovakia´s Got a Talent, where she reached the semi-finals. A lot of Slovak and Czech fans fell for her voice.


U2 Revival - 24.8.2019

All U2 fans can look forward to the end of the summer in Bešeňová and famous hits such as With or Without you, Ordinary Love, One and others.  The revival versions will be original and unforgettable.

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The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic.

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