Fresh citrus rituals

Enjoy sauna relaxation with refreshing citrus fruits in the Harmónia wellness & spa centre.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, limes and lemons are beneficial for the human body and help reduce tension and depressions. This is mainly because they remind us of the spring and summer when we usually feel full of energy and more positive. Aromatherapy is very popular as for the sauna rituals in Bešeňová and that´s why our clients can now enjoy a refreshing citrus fruit version all summer long. 

Day sauna rituals

We know how much you love relaxation so we have decided to offer our sauna rituals every day. This means anytime you come, you can enjoy special sauna experience like never before.

For whom are sauna rituals meant?

Are you not sure if sauna ceremonies are suitable for you? Try them. Every ritual is about 10 minutes long and after it, there is enough time for relaxation and refreshment, for example with a drink in your hand.

Sauna rituals – daily schedule

Silence heals body and soul
*every day except Mondays SAUNA
15:00 Spoiling citrus Sauna Temple
16:00 Refreshing orange rind peeling Sunrise
17:00 Mystic ritual Sauna Temple
18:00 Citrus reggae Sauna Temple
19:00 Sauna theatre Sauna Temple
*MONDAY (DAY OFF) - Silent Mondays in Bešeňová

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