Sauna rituals

Enjoy your stay in the sauna world Harmonia wellness & spa.

Discover the magic of herbs and enjoy relaxation even during summer days in the sauna world Harmonia wellness & spa. The effects of herbs in the sauna on the human body are remarkable. Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Light scents can bring you to a state of peace and quiet. The most effective and the oldest method of using aromatherapy is inhalation. The most used are lavender, sage, thyme, mint and lemon grass.

Day sauna rituals

We know how much you love relaxation so we have decided to offer our sauna rituals every day. This means anytime you come, you can enjoy special sauna experience like never before.

For whom are sauna rituals meant?

Are you not sure if sauna ceremonies are suitable for you? Try them. Every ritual is about 10 minutes long and after it, there is enough time for relaxation and refreshment, for example with a drink in your hand.

15:00Herbal peelingSunrise
16:00Relaxation peelingSauna temple
17:00Regenerative peelingSunrise
18:00Mystical ritualSauna temple
19:00Sauna showSauna temple
friday - saturday
Sauna showSauna temple

*MONDAY (DAY OFF) - Silent Mondays in Bešeňová
Silence heals body and soul 
The program of sauna rituals takes place every day TUESDAY - SUNDAY

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