Silent Mondays in the sauna world

Silence heals body and soul.

Silent Mondays at Harmónia Wellness & Spa 

Silent heals body and soul. We know that silence is a great way to a man how to release body and soul.  That´s why we decided that there will be no sauna rituals on Mondays and thus you can enjoy sauna sessions to the fullest and without noise.   

We believe that you will enjoy your relaxation in Harmónia Wellness & Spa and get new stamina. The sauna world in Bešeňová offers up to 6 dry and steam saunas, Cave of Bešeňová, Tepidarium relaxation zone, whirlpool, cooling pool and everything that´s connected to relaxation. 

 If you are sauna ritual lovers, we have prepared several daytime sauna rituals from Tuesday to Sunday.

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