How the 'GOPASS Credit' Works

Make a purchase via

with credit or give the credit to anyone

Online purchase with credit 

From now on, you can load credit directly onto your GOPASS card and pay with it in e-shop. Go to the personal zone, select the CREDIT section and choose an amount which will be loaded on your GOPASS card after the payment.  

I want to load the credit


Share the credit with your closest ones

You can share the credit loaded onto your account with people assigned on the GOPASS. It´s only up to you, who and in which daily limit can use the credit. You can set it very simply in the personal zone. 

Administrate the credit in the personal area


GOPASS credit advantages

✔ Simple and prompt payment method
✔ Credit sharing with your closest ones
✔ Possibility to send the credit as a gift 
✔ Online credit loading at
✔ Transaction report and message in the personal zone

Send the credit as a gift 

Give the credit to anyone. In your personal zone, Credit section, enter the number of the GOPASS card or the e-mail address of the presented person. Upon payment, a voucher with a code will be sent to the specified e-mail address or e-mail pertaining to the entered GOPASS card. Once the code is entered from the voucher in the Credit section, the credit will be loaded to the person.  

I want to send the credit as a gift


Where does the GOPASS credit apply  

You can use the credit loaded on your GOPASS card for buying ski passes, cable car tickets, entry tickets to water parks, events and experiential events, and goods only online at  ** Credit functionality will soon take care of the fact that you will not have to deal with credit cards or cash on the slope. You simply charge your GOPASS card and use it in our facilities. You can left your cash and credit cards at home. You will be informed about the launch of the offline credit functionality.

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