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Visitors to Bešeňová have a choice how much they´ll pay for a ticket. They can buy the ticket through the  GOPASS e-shop, via the GOPASS mobile app, in a regular „stone“ ticket office in the resort, and recently, through GOPASS TICKETS self-service ticket machines found at each entrance to the water park. You will save on tickets, if have planned your visit in advance and buy the ticket online at least 3 days in advance  . The news is that entry to Bešeňová is free of charge for children under 6 years of age.

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Buying tickets in a regular „stone“ ticket office in the water park is no longer in. Modern forms of online shopping dominate the world, and GOPASS e-shop meets these requirements. Clever visitors, who plan their visit to the water park in advance and make a purchase 3 days prior to arrival, can buy an all-day ticket by € 5 cheaper than in a regular ticket office. Another advantage of online shopping is that visitor, who has bought the ticket online, can take advantage of speed up entry. 

GOPASS TICKETS – It´s worth it!

Buy the best price tickets in the resort through self-service ticket machines.

Buy the best price tickets in the resort through self-service ticket machines. Did you miss your online purchase or haven´t you got a Gopass card yet? Never mind. There are GOPASS TICKETS self-service ticket machines placed at all entrances to the water park, where you can quickly and comfortably buy a ticket which is €2 cheaper than in a regular ticket office. Simply enter your email address and have a credit card on hand. Our nice staff will help you with both the registration and purchase, and you will be given the Gopass card upon your first purchase for free. Only credit cards are accepted when paying for tickets through GOPASS TICKETS self-service machines. Cash is not possible. GOPASS is really worth it!

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