Visit water parks until the end of April and use all season pass benefits and discounts. Enjoy your time with the season ticket in water parks Bešeňová and Tatralandia.

Buy the Season Aqua Pass at the price of three tickets now and use it until the end of April.

Smart SEASON AQUA PASS in the sale 

Buy until the end of April only at 81 € online on

Please prove your identity with your ID, driving licence or health insurance card when entering the park.

Enjoy your time with the season ticket for up to half a year in water parks Bešoňová and Tatralandia.

With the season aqua pass you can enjoy water amusement in pools and water slides  or take a rest in saunas, in 2 waterparks,Tatralandia and Bešeňova, for only 7€. A flat 15% discount is a bonus for Smart Aqua Season holders in restaurants and bars and Tatry Motion shops in Tatralandia and Bešeňová during the validity of the Smart SEASON AQUA PASS.

Still hesitating?
 So take a look at the benefits that the Smart Aqua Season will bring you:

2 water parks = 1 season ticket
Bešeňová a Tatralandia
19 pools a 13 water slides
over 300 attractions
6 months = 181 days
1 day = 0,49€
Only 7 € surcharge for saunas
15 % discount in water parks shops
-15 % discount in waterparks restaurants and bars

Pricelist - Smart Season Aqua Pass

Smart Season Aqua Pass is valid till 30.4. 2020

Children under
6* r.
6 - 12* r.
Junior, student, 
OnlineFree60 €69 €81 €buy at →
Offline at ticket officesFree60 €69 €81 € 

* not reached age

Smart SEASON AQUA PASS in the sale 

Buy until the end of April only at 81 € online on

Smart Season Aqua Pass advantages

  • 2 water parks for 1  (Water Park Bešeňová and Aquapark Tatralandia)
  • up to 6 months validity = 182 days
  • 1 day = 0,49 € 
  • 19 pools, 13 water slides and more than 300 water attractions
  • only a €7 extra charge to the sauna world Bešeňováand Tatralandia 
  • 15 % discount in selected restaurants and bars in the water parks 
  • 15 % discount in selected Aqua Motion shops in the water parks  

The 15% discount applies to following bars and restaurants:

  1. Aquapark Tatralandia: Year-round facilities - Paradiso Restaurant, Barbados Bar, Marina Bar, Tiki Bar; Summer facilities - Fries, Pizza & Palacinky, Medrano Restaurant, Chill Out Bar, Grill Bar, Havránok 
  2. Water Park Bešeňová: Year-round facilities - Bistro, Cosmopolitan Bar, Butterfly Bar, Relax Bar; Summer facilities - Sweet & Coffee, Grill

The 15% discount applies to goods in following Aqua Motion shops:

  1. Aquapark Tatralandia: Year-round facilities - Aqua Shop, Paradiso Shop; Summer facilities - Darčekovo, Exit Shop
  2. Water Park Bešeňová: Year-round facilities - Color Tree, Aqua Motion Shop in Amusement Tent; Summer facilities: Aqua Motion Shop at the entrance,  Coqui Shop

General Terms and Conditions - Smart SEASON AQUA PASS

Online file download

Summer SEASON AQUA PASS full of sun, water and fun

Are you tired of winter? Look forward to hot summer days when only a big portion of ice cream or refreshing water can promise refreshment.

Relax and have fun in pools and spend unforgettable moments in water parks. Have a rest in thermal pools, on underwater massage beds, cool down in water, frolic on water slides and at attractions in the summer water park section.

Feel like on a seaside holiday and enjoy great food, refreshing drinks, activities for kids, sunbathing and much more with the Season Aqua Pass from May to the end of October anytime you want.


NEW - SEASON AQUA PASS include Liptov festival tickets
(more details coming soon)

Summer Season Aqua Pass prices

do 6** r.
6 - 12** r.
Junior, student, 
PresaleFree89 €99 €109 €buy at →
Main  saleFree109 €119 €129 € 

** not reached age

* All winter season passes can be extended until 31.5.2020 at 99€.

* Summer Season Aqua Passes are available in the advance sale until 31.5.2020.

General Terms and Conditions - Summer AQUA PASS

Online file download

Informations for customers

  • Smart Season Aqua Pass may be used in the water parks of Tatralandia and Bešeňová Tatralandia 
    Tatralandia – 6 water slides, 10 pools, more than 160 attractions
    Bešeňová – 9 pools, 7 water slides, more than 160 attractions
  • Smart Season Aqua Pass m is valid 1.11. 2019 - 30.4. 2020
  • Smart Season Aqua Pass is on presale 7.10. -19.12. 2019 via and at ticket offices in Tatralandia and Bešeňová.
  • The sale in the top season runs from 20.12. 2019 - 30.4. 2020 on and at ticket offices in Tatralandia and Bešeňová. 
  • You can buy Smart Season Aqua Pass at an additional fee of €79 to already purchased Summer Aqua Pass (during presale) and at an additional fee of €89 (in top season) via No matter, which age group you belong to. 
  • A flat 15% discount is a bonus for Smart Aqua Season holders in restaurants and bars and Aqua Motion shops in Tatralandia and Bešeňová during the validity of the Smart Season Aqua Pass, which is valid from the next day after the purchase of the Aqua Season.
  • Smart Aqua Season is issued in name and it is not transferable.
  • Smart Season Aqua Pass owners can buy a ticket to saunas only at €7
  • The special price is valid any day during the validity of the Smart Aqua Season. Admission for the age category of „Children under 6“ is for free.  Admission to saunas only at €7 applies to the age category of „Children 6 – 12“ in terms of  children´s sauna sessions

Enjoy sauna rituals

Make time for yourself and recharge your batteries in the Sauna World, which offers various kinds of massages


The water park Bešeňováis from 13.3.2020 until further notice closed. Thank you for your support.

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