Water park discounts

Buy a Tatralandia or Bešeňová ticket online and get yourself another one at a reduced special-offer price!

Shopping online pays off!

And now our visitors can enjoy a special present - 15€ off if they buy 2 tickets.

Shopping online on www.gopass.sk always offers a lot of benefits:

  1. Buy a ticket online 3 or more days in advance and save 5€.
  2. After you enjoy our water park, find a present in your email box – an extra water park ticket with 12€ off, valid for 14 days after the first ticket purchase.
  3. The discounted ticket can be used in Bešeňová again or in the adventurous and amusing water park of Tatralandia.

The cheapest tickets online

Online purchase at www.gopass.sk 

3€ off on the first ticket →

Up to 12€ off on the second ticket →

The second ticket can be used in Tatralandia or Bešeňová.

Special offer terms and conditions

  • The discount vouchers age sent to clients of Bešeňová who buy their tickets online on www.gopass.sk
  • The discount vouchers are available between 20.12. – 15.3.2020
  • The discount vouchers can be used within 14 days after the first ticket purchase
  • The discounts cannot be combined with other reduced-rate offers
  • The discount vouchers cannot be used on the day of the first ticket purchase
  • The second ticket can be used in Tatralandia or Bešeňová.

Gopass infoline

Gopass infoline: 0850 122 155 
International helpline: +421 220 510 448
e-mail: info@gopass.sk

Gopass complaints: 
reklamacia@gopass.sk8:00am - 04:30pm 
at working days

  • Infoline is available from all over the Slovak Republic at a reduced tariff
  • infoline is available every day (during holidays too)  08:00a - 06:00pm.
  • We will assist you in signing up for Gopass and purchasing services
  • we'll answer all your Gopass questions

Don't forget to take advantage of GOPASS →
We wish you a pleasant stay in Bešeňová.

The water park Bešeňováis from 13.3.2020 until further notice closed. Thank you for your support.

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