Sauna masters

Please meet our sauna masters who are there to guarantee unforgettable moments and absolute pleasure during sauna rituals.

Marek Homza

The artistic heart of saunas

Ritual: Pianist, Heart of the Liptov region, Balance of elements 
Motto: The art comes to life inside a sauna 
Interesting facts: A creative and experienced professional, he took part in various sauna events – Sauna fest and Herbal cup.
Video presentation of saunamaster

Janka Pavelková

Beauty in every aspect

Ritual: Show ritual, Mystical gong, Music therapy (singing bowls) 
Motto: There is beauty in simplicity 
Interesting facts: The youngest member of the sauna team who has grown fond of sauna rituals within a short time.

Saunamaster video

Matej Brtko 

A great sauna master, a towel-professional.

Ritual: Show ritual, hot ritual
Motto: Sauna rituals and music require a true mastery.
Interesting facts: He improved his sauna skills significantly within a short time. All those who have experienced Maťo´s rituals can confirm it.

Dominika Uhrinová  

Elegancia a harmónia v saune.

Rituál: Peelingové rituály, muzikoterapie a tiež čajové rituály
Motto: V jednoduchosti je krása. 
Zaujímavosť: Vždy usmiata a s dobrou náladou, ktorú odovzdáva všetkým návštevníkom saunového sveta.

Jean Colin Dora

Music therapy is his passion

Ritual: Haiti, Mystical gong, Music therapy (singing bowls) 
Motto: The secret of relaxation and exoticism 
Interesting facts: A vivacious native from Haiti, he loves hot dry saunas that remind him of his distant home.

Saunamaster video

Deniska Báleková

Epic stories while you wait

Ritual: Narnia, Game of Thrones
Motto: Saunas full of stories
Interesting facts: Every story has a happy ending.

Anatolij Trifonov

Passion in saunas

Ritual: S.O.S., peeling, show ritual 
Motto: Energy in every move
Interesting factsA vivacious native from distant Siberia who heats up every sauna with his skills.

Sauna rituals – daily schedule

Silence heals body and soul
*every day except Mondays
10:00 Aromatherapy (only on Sunday)
11:00 Children´s aromatherapy (only on Saturday)
11:00 Whisking treatment (only on Sunday)
12:00 Fresh mentol (only at the weekend)
15:00 Music therapy
16:00 Herbal aromatherapy
17:00 Peeling treatment
18:00 Hot sauna
*MONDAY (DAY OFF) - Silent Mondays in Bešeňová

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