Discover your “spring” of energy

One can recharge their batteries in various ways. One of them is the water park of Bešeňová with everything it offers.

Tips how to feel the flow of new energy

Forget your everyday worries and spoil yourself with pleasant relaxation. Imagine a thermal bath with a temperature of 39°C, an underwater massage or a pearl bath. Relax all your body and discover the “spring” of your lost energy. How about treating yourself to flawless relaxation with a delicious drink in your hand and letting an enchanting aroma capture all your senses? Enjoy the magic of a sauna ritual with herbal, citrus fruit or lavender aromatherapy. Hot stones will be hissing and gusts of hot steam will warm up your body perfectly. And a few seconds in a cooling pool or shower will emphasise the relaxing feeling. The sound of falling raindrops and singing bowls guarantees maximum peace of mind.

Take your family and make a relaxing break in the thermal heart of the Liptov region – in Bešeňová.

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Beneficial effects of thermal pools

Thermal water in Bešeňová contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphates and many other minerals which all have beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal and breathing systems. Your skin will be happy as well.

Atrium relaxation zone

If you prefer relaxation in a pleasant and warm environment where you can read a book, Atrium is the best choice. The area is full of green vegetation all year round. There is also a bar which offers coffee, drinks, fresh pancakes and much more.

Sauna world

Spoiling warmth of dry and wet saunas is beneficial for the respiratory system and helps detoxify the skin. Gusts of hot wind open up the skin pores and harmful substances can be removed. We suggest trying sauna rituals as well. Some of them offer e.g. rejuvenating peelings or a brand new product – music therapy.

Sauna rituals

Warm up your body in our sauna world during sauna rituals. There are available in Bešeňová every day (except Mondays), but also at night on selected days. What can you choose from? Show rituals, aromatherapy, peelings and brand new music therapy.

Cosmopolitan pool bar

Enjoy your favourite drink inside a thermal pool with comfortable chairs. The bar offers various non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. So, what will you choose?

Bistro restaurant

Gnocchi, dumplings, pasta, roasted chicken, fried cheese, fruit and vegetable salads, drinks and many other Slovak as well as international specialities. Everybody can find something for themselves in Bistro. Enjoy your meal!


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