Liptov Region Card


A regional discount card LIPTOV Region Card opens you the gates to the biggest attractions, trip spots and partners´ establishments in the region in a more preferable way.  Make a unique experience of your nicest days and moments, and discover the magical Liptov destination.  For grown-ups it is the largest outdoor area between the Low and High Tatra Mountains, and the best natural playground in Slovakia for kids. Due to the LIPTOV Region Card valid throughout the year, the visitors have more experiences, and can better get to know the Liptov region, its attractions and the cultural heritage.    

The special discount card LIPTOV Region Card 2013 enables you to earn attractive discounts on admission to the largest attractions and trip spots of the LIPTOV region. Purchase the card and you become a member of a large „family“ of supporters of one of the most beautiful corners in Slovakia – the picturesque LIPTOV.

On their visit in summer, tourists can live through unrepeatable experiences and adventures in water, mountains and nature.

How to get the Liptov Region Card?

You can get the card in one of sales points like partner accommodation facilities or information centres in the region of Liptov.

Ask your accommodation provider for a LIPTOV REGION CARD FOR FREE! At your accommodation provider you can learn about the best prices for “on your pillow” ski passes and entries to the water world.

How much does the Liptov Region Card cost?

If you decide to have a stay in one of our accommodation facilities in the region of Liptov for a minimum of 1 night, you´ll get the card FOR FREE. Otherwise you can purchase the Liptov Region Card in information centres at €5.

How does the Liptov Region Card work?

Visit an attraction providing discount with your Liptov Region Card. Places providing discounts are easily recognized according to a sticker „Card accepted here“.

Show your Liptov Region Card and enjoy immediately the discount you are eligible for as the Liptov Region Card holder in the respective tourist season.

You can find the latest guide book with Liptov Region Card discounts here.

How long does the Liptov Region Card apply?

The validity of your Liptov Region Card is unlimited. To get the most favourable prices and discounts, have a stay in the region of Liptov in one of our partner accommodation facilities and you can take advantage of discounted accommodation. All other „fixed“ discounted are available anytime you spend only a few moments in Liptov. 

LIPTOV Region Card advantages

The LIPTOV Region Card advantages apply for the biggest attractions and holiday destinations in the region. It doesn´t matter if you intend to spend here a free day, couple of nights or a longer holiday. 
Enjoy a perfect holiday, endless attractions and save tens of Euros. The LIPTOV REGION CARD offers favourable discounts on many attractions and services up to 40 %.

The card brings year round discounts on more than 50 attractions and services in the whole region, including 5 largest ski resorts, 3 water parks, 12 restaurants, caves and a 3D cinema.

You can find the latest guide book with Liptov Region Card discounts here.

The more time you spend in Liptov, the cheapest your holiday is. With the discount card it´ll be even more favourable to purchase, relax, do sport and recognize the region of Liptov.