Ayurvedic practitioner in Bešeňová

An overseas Ayurvedic practitioner has visited Bešeňová Water Park

The exceptional visitor came to us from Indian Kerala. Dr. Sajeev K Pillai studied Ayurvedic medicine, which means "learning about life" in translation. Ayurvedic medicine represents the oldest complete system of principles of a healthy lifestyle. Three biological principles known as “doshas” constitute the basis; their imbalance leads to illnesses and pain.

Dr. Pillai is the founder of an Ayurvedic centre and travel agency in Kerala and Vienna. He spreads an idea of Ayurveda and helps transform and organise this kind of medicine in various tourist centres. More than 60 centres around the world bear his fingerprints.

He has not been to Slovakia for the first time but he is the first time visitor to Bešeňová. He was enchanted by the surrounding countryside, thermal springs and tender-hearted local people.  He came to visit us to introduce the main idea of Ayurvedic medicine and find out the potential of Bešeňová Water Park to establishe an Ayurvedic centre with comprehensive services, including healing procedures, massages, a healthy diet and Ayurvedic cosmetics.

We began with an introduction of our water park, including Harmónia wellness & spa. Later we visited Hotel Galeria Thermal****; as it is a holistic hotel concept, the balance of body, soul and mind are in a very close connection with Ayurveda. The following day he recognized the charm of the Low Tatra Mountains and tried the traditional Slovak cuisine.  He took a tour of the Hotel Tri Studničky**** in Demänovská Dolina. The valley offers an amazing touch of the surrounding nature which held Dr. Pillai spellbound.  The taste of „bryndzové halušky“ (one of national dishes in Slovakia) was very specific to him, but he did not refuse an acid mushroom soup or wine from Slovakia. He accepted our invitation to the ceremonial start of construction of the "GINO Paradise Apartments" Bešeňová apartment complex accompanied by the symbolic tapping of the base stone.

According to Dr. Pillai Bešeňová has a great potential. The charm of the picturesque Slovak village surrounded by the mountains, plenty of accommodation facilities and a wide range of water park attractions is designated for different customers where everyone comes to its own. He thinks that an Ayurvedic centre is a gap in the market; it might be located directly in the water park.  Ayurvedic medicine is very popular in the world and even more countries are recognizing it as a comprehensive medical system.The younger sister of Ayurveda is Yoga which is being searched by more and more people.

In today's hurried world man is looking for a balance between body and soul. Pains tell us that something is wrong. Ayurvedic medicine, unlike the classical one which is mostly focused on suppressing the symptoms of the disease, can recognize where the pain comes from and what is needed to cure it.

With this concept he would like to bring a bit of orientalism to us, to Slovakia. Dr. Pillai will visit Bešeňová during summ