Summer attractions

Enjoy fun and adrenalin on our summer attractions. Try rafting, diving or slide down a bubble and have fun


Get on an inflatable boat together with your friends and raft a river around a ship, under a wooden bridge or through a narrow cave without crashing. Who comes first to the finish?

Water temperature: 30-34°C
Water depth: 1.1 m


Our bubble can be climbed over or up, jumped on or slid down into a landing pool. It is soft and slithery as water falls from its top.

Water temperature: 35-38 °C
Water depth: 0.4 m – 1.02 m


Explore the inside of a pirate ship, dive to the very bottom and discover an old and forgotten treasure. An experienced diving instructor and rented equipment will be there to help you.

Water temperature: 27-28 °C
Water depth: 3 m


Amusement tent

Great fun for all lovers of water. Summer attractions in the water park of Bešeňová offer relaxation for all family members