Bešeňová collector Euro banknote

A sustainable souvenir whose great idea, ingenuity, quality and funny motif are appreciated by every water park visitor.

Euro Souvenir BEŠEŇOVÁ

Number of prints: 10,000 pcs

Price: €3

Place of sale: Aqua Motion stores and at the receptions of the Holiday Village Tatralandia, Akvamarin, Galéria and Hotel Bešeňová hotels

What is it?
  • the Euro Souvenir is made of 100 % cotton paper that is used to make real banknotes.
  • it was created as the first of its kind and is the only original and official imitation concept of banknotes that serve as souvenirs.
  • it is identical to real banknotes but is not intended to be used to pay with.
  • it contains several security features like real banknotes do (hologram, microprint, UV security features, etc.).
  • it is protected against potential misuse in machines that accept banknotes and banknote readers.
  • every piece is unique and contains a unique number and a serial code as real banknotes do.
  • individual editions are marked with the issue year as well as the serial number.
  • it is created and made by the Oberthur Fiduciaire company, which makes real banknotes too.
  • the official and original 0 Euro Souvenirs are as big as 20 Euro banknotes and their violet colour resembles 500 Euro banknotes.
  • the concept and design of 0 Euro Souvenirs are patent and trademark protected.

Current information and restrictions can be found here.