Amusement tent

A wave pool offers a unique experience and an unforgettable atmosphere of sea waves.

Children´s pool

Water buckets, water slides, fire engines, a waterfall and other water attractions for children are prepared to guarantee maximum water fun for small park visitors.

Water temperature: 33 °C
Water depth: 0.3 m

Wave pool

Waves in a gradual sloping pool resemble the real sound of the sea. When in deeper water, sway on bigger waves.

Water temperature: 28 - 30 °C
Water depth: 0 – 1.8 m

Water slides

The biggest water slide tower with six water slides can be entered via the Amusement tent from the left. Enjoy a ride on the longest water slide in Slovakia or ride down one of colourful slides.

Peace and relaxation inside an Atrium

 Enjoy well-deserved relaxation in our Atrium, which offers pleasant silence near pools and water slides. 


Current information and restrictions can be found here.