Amusement tent

A wave pool offers a unique experience and an unforgettable atmosphere of sea waves.

Rafting in the sea waves

During the winter season, you can experience what it's like to float on the sea waves on inflatable rafts every evening from 4:30 pm. The charming evening atmosphere is complemented by colorful underwater lighting.

Light show

Experience a magical fun every night in the Amusement tent! The light show, which starts every day at 4:30  pm, completely changed the atmosphere of the evenings in the Water park Bešeňová.

Children´s pool

Water buckets, water slides, fire engines, a waterfall and other water attractions for children are prepared to guarantee maximum water fun for small park visitors.

Water temperature: 33 °C
Water depth: 0.3 m

Wave pool

Waves in a gradual sloping pool resemble the real sound of the sea. When in deeper water, sway on bigger waves. And the more courageous ones can try a climbing wall at the end of the pool.

Water temperature: 28 - 30 °C
Water depth: 0 – 1.8 m

Water slides

The biggest water slide tower with six water slides can be entered via the Amusement tent from the left. Enjoy a ride on the longest water slide in Slovakia or ride down one of colourful slides.

Peace and relaxation inside an Atrium

 Enjoy well-deserved relaxation in our Atrium, which offers pleasant silence near pools and water slides.