Frequently asked questions

In connection with the current epidemiological situation, we bring you answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Since when is the water park opened?

What are the opening hours?

Which water park sections are opened?

Are there any capacity limitations?

What safety measures have to be respected?

I have an Aqua season pass from the previous year. Can I use it?

Mám z minulého roku Sauna sezónku, môžem ju použiť?

I bought a MEGA DISCOUNTS ticket valid until 23.12.2020 last year or a Spring ticket at 13.90€ valid until 30.11.2020. Can I use them?

These FAQ are effective until there is a change ordered by respective state authorities. Should you have any more questions, please contact:
Gopass contact centre+421 850 122 155, 
Tatralandia information centre:

In Bešeňová, 8/10/2021

Current information and measures in water parks.