Reloadable chips

Skip the queues and enter our water park with your SEASON PASS and a reloadable chip faster!

1. The reloadable chip serves to get into the water park faster.

2. It is non-transferable and can be used only by the person whom it has been issued for.

3. The chip wristband deposit is 5€/piece.

4. Reloadable chips of individual water parks are not compatible so every client needs to borrow 1 chip for Tatralandia and 1 chip for Bešeňová. This applies to all age groups. Colours:

  • Bešeňová water park – blue for children, white for adults;
  • Tatralandia – green for children, red for adults.

5. The use of a reloadable chip in the Bešeňová Water Park for SEASON SAUNA holders is not possible for capacity and operational reasons.

6. The number of issued reloadable chips is not limited.

7. Reloadable chips can be used to pass only selected turnstiles.

8. Once you pass a turnstile, a photo of you is taken and automatically compared with the photo in your Gopass account.

9. Any misuse or selling of your chip to another person results in blocking the chip without any compensation in accordance with the water park rules.

10. If any reloadable chip is damaged or lost, the respective deposit cannot be returned to the client. A new chip has to be borrowed for another deposit.

11. For the general terms and conditions and the water park rules, please visit: and

Current information and restrictions can be found here.