Events 2019

A special offer of events prepared only for you.

Bešeňová fashion opening


The third year of the exceptional fashion show and the opening of the summer in Bešeňová.

Grill party

14.6. 2019

Jedinečný kulinársky zážitok v podobe grill prty s témou MEDERAN GRILL.

Letné zážitky v Bešeňovej

7.7. a 24.8. 2019

Každý víkend v inom rytme. Leto plné vodných zážitkov v Bešeňovej.

World Championship Qualification 

24. - 25.5.2019

Bešeňová will host the World Championship Qualification in relaxation rituals at the beginning of the summer. 

The traditional May fest

4.-5.5. a 11.-12.5.2019

The traditional May fest, which will lot of fun and animations.

Easter in Bešeňová

20. - 22.4. 2019

Easter in Bešeňová will be full of water, fun and, of course, traditional folklore.

Peeling cup

15.- 16.3.2019

The PEELING CUP sauna competition will be organised even this year by Bešeňová Water Park. You will be able to see the best and best looking peels from Slovakia.

Sauna sessions with Lay Pang Ong

9. - 16.2. 2019

One of the world´s best sauna masters Lay Pang Ong will visit Liptov. Already on February. 

Events 2018


New Year´s Eve 2018 at Bešeňová



Say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one on a grand scale – in the pools of Bešeňová with an abundant programme and a lot of fun all night long.


Ladies night



Spend a pleasant evening with special sauna rituals at Bešeňová tailored for ladies.


Beer festival in saunas



Experience a non-traditional beer festival – in the saunas of Bešeňová during a night of sauna rituals, with an abundant programme and much more.


Summer in motion


8/7 - 26/8/2018

Active summer at Bešeňová with 8 great artists.


Culinary Battle 2018



A big battle of 2 exquisite cooks at Bešeňová – year-long cooking experience transformed into beautiful and delicious meals.


Bešeňová Fashion Opening



Enjoy the summer season opening 2018 on a grand scale – with a beautiful modern-style folk fashion show and the Cigánski diabli ensemble.


Peeling Cup Bešeňová



Bešeňová will be hosting a big sauna competition in April – Peeling Cup Bešeňová, the first competition of its kind in Slovakia. Don´t miss it.


Easter at Bešeňová


30/3 – 2/4/2018

Spend a great Easter at Bešeňová with many activities, relaxation, games for kids and a lot of water.


Energy infusion at Bešeňová


28-30/4 and 5-6/5/2018

2 weekends with various exercises, activities, healthy food and workshops about health at Bešeňová.

Outdoor thermal pools

Great fun for all lovers of fun. Summer attractions in the water park of Bešeňová offer relaxation for all family members