Night of sauna rituals

Under the cloak of night, our park changes to a magical place full of relaxation and peace.

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St. Nicolaus in sauna 7.12. 2019

Another great sauna night is here! Experience the nightlife with a rich program in saunas, with all the saunas and whirlpools or indoor pools. At the same time from 09:30pm to 01:30am and in addition in the new sauna - Sauna Temple.

You can enjoy:

  • 4 hours of night saunas
  • 11 unique saunas, rituals, peels and procedures
  • exclusive saunamaster - guest 
  • welcome drink + refreshing refreshments
  • all saunas and treatments available all the night
  • relaxation zone of Átrium
  • indoor swimming pools

All the saunas and procedures are at the Harmony Wellness & Spa, the relaxation area and the indoor pools in the Átrium area will be available to the client.

Sauna ceremonies will take place in the Chopok sauna and Sauna Temple, peelings will be offered in the new SUNRISE Salt sauna.


Sauna rituals

Moments spent in a sauna are more intensive and more interesting thanks to a saunamaster who adds a new dimension to sauna pleasure by swirling the air, pouring water with aroma essence on stones and applying a peeling or other products on the skin. Try it once and you will fall for this new sauna hit.

Relax during sauna rituals and peelings and enjoy unique shows of our sauna masters

Event prices

Ticket offices on the day of event - price: 26€

Advance sale at ticket offices - price: 23€ - pre-sale from 2/12/2019 to 7/12/2019 - 08:00pm.

Online GOPASS - price: 21€ or 17 € + 80 points - sale to 6/12/2019

Hotel Bešeňová and hotel Galeria thermal Bešeňová- price: 16€/ person - hotel guests (7/12/2019 to 07:00 pm)

Surcharge for water park visitors - price: 24€ (after 09:10pm)

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Dates of Saunas rituals

19.12. 2020 Vianočná saunová noc Christmas sauna night PRIPRAVUJEME
7.12. 2019 Mikuláš v saune St. Nicholas in the sauna BUY
4.1. 2020 Snehová párty Snow party PRIPRAVUJEME
25.1. 2020 Zimná záhrada Winter garden PRIPRAVUJEME
15.2. 2020 Romantická saunová noc Romantic sauna night PRIPRAVUJEME
29.2. 2020 Karneval v saune Karneval in sauna PRIPRAVUJEME
14.3. 2020 Slovakia Peeling cup Slovakia Peeling cup PRIPRAVUJEME
11.4. 2020 Veľkonočná saunová noc Happy Easter PRIPRAVUJEME
16.5. 2020 80´s SPArty 80´s SPArty PRIPRAVUJEME
30.5. 2020 Slovenské majstrovstvá Slovakia Championship 2020 PRIPRAVUJEME
13.6. 2020 Zlatá edícia Golden edition PRIPRAVUJEME
18.7. 2020 Prímorská saunová noc Seasight sauna night PRIPRAVUJEME
22.8. 2020 Letná edícia Summer edition PRIPRAVUJEME
26.9. 2020 Komiksová edícia Comics edition PRIPRAVUJEME
3.10. 2020 Herbal cup Herbal cup PRIPRAVUJEME
17.10. 2020 Beer fest Beer fest PRIPRAVUJEME
14.11. 2020 CZ & SK night CZ & SK night PRIPRAVUJEME

Sauna ritual rules


• Nights of sauna rituals are available only for adults over 18 years (who have to prove their age if asked at the ticket office).

• Taking pictures and making any other visual or audio recordings inside the sauna world area is strictly forbidden. 

• Men and women have to use intimate zones (showers, toilets) during the nights of sauna rituals. 

• Besides the above mentioned rules, clients are obliged to respect the Park rules of Bešeňová and rules of the Wellness & Spa centre of Bešeňová.

• All rituals are limited by the capacity of individual saunas. 

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