Summer pools

Relaxation pool MARA (B13)

Have a rest in a spoiling bubble bath, have your back relaxed by massage jets and let falling water relieve your strained neck and shoulder muscles.

Water temperature: 34 - 38 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: Summer season

Rafting (B22)

Get on an inflatable boat together with your friends and raft a river around a ship, under a wooden bridge or through a narrow cave without crashing. Who comes first to the finish?
Water temperature: 30-34°C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: Summer season

Bubble (B21)

Our bubble can be climbed over or up, jumped on or slid down into a landing pool. It is soft and slithery as water falls from its top.

Water temperature: 35-38 °C
Water depth: 0.4 m – 1.02 m
Open: Summer season

Water volcano (B21)

One of the best summer children´s attractions at Bešeňová that spouts water. Kids can climb it and slide down or splash water with a water gun. 

Water temperature: 35-38 °C
Water depth: 0.4 m
Opened: Summer season

Children´s pool (B9)

A stainless steel pool for children with a fountain and a mini water mushroom. Kids can play with inflatable water toys or swim with swim rings and water wings.

Water temperature: 30 - 34 °C
Water depth: 0.45 m
Open: Summer season

Swimming pool (B10)

Stainless steel swimming pool with a length of 20 m and swimming lanes. Swimmers can test their strength or just cool down pleasantly during hot summer days in one part of the pool. The second part is reserved for lovers of adrenaline and water obstacle courses.


Water temperature: 22 - 26 °C
Water depth: 1.6 m
Open: Summer season

Wild river  (B11)

A stainless steel pool for non-swimmers. Those who haven´t swum in a real river in summer yet can let themselves get carried away by a wild river stream.

Water temperature: 24 - 28 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: Summer season

Landing pool (B12)

If you use outdoor water slides in summer, this pool will be your safe landing area.

Water temperature: 24 - 28 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: Summer season

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