Year-round water slides

Silver water slide (B14-1)

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Level of difficulty: medium difficult
Length of the slide: 42.6 m
Open: year-round

Green water slide (B24-6)
Difficulty: low
Length of the slide: 208 m

Yellow water slide (B24-2)
Difficulty: high
Length of the slide: 149 m

Blue water slide 1 (B24-4)
Difficulty: low
Length of the slide: 206 m

Blue water slide 2 (B24-3)
Difficulty: low
Length of the slide: 206 m

Red water slide (B24-1)
Difficulty: high
Length of the slide: 121 m

Black water slide  (B24-5)
Difficulty: medium
Length of the slide: 212 m

Outdoor thermal pools

 Discover the harmony of a beautiful area and thermal pools. Water of thermal springs helps regenerate the body.


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