An international competition taking place in 12 countries around the world focused on relaxation-meditative sauna rituals and original peeling procedures. It combines the health benefits of sauna with perfect relaxation and evokes the return of man to nature.


na MS v Prahe budú Slovensko reprezentovať Emma Chládková a Ondrej Smutný- GRATULUJEME a DRŽÍME PALCE
Celkové poradie  Saunamaster
1. Emma Chládková
2. Ondrej Smutný
3. Ľuboš Veselý
Poradie  Saunamaster
1. Ondrej Smutný
2. Emma Chládková
3. Ľuboš Veselý

Poradie  Saunamaster
1. Barbora Ondrlová
2. Emma Chládková
3. Ľuboš Veselý

Bešeňová will also be the host of the Slovak qualification in 2023, where the best Slovak sauna masters will present their art and fight for the title of "King of Herbal"

An international expert jury will evaluate the professionalism, processing and use of herbs, distribution of heat and aromas in the sauna area, presentation and composition of peelings as well as the overall performance of peeling procedures.

The winner gets a direct advance to the SHC World Championships. Come on October 14, 2023 to enjoy unique herbal rituals, professional peelings, scents of herbs and heaters from around the world, or cleansing whisk procedures and a rich accompanying program.

Relaxing herbal ceremonies

A special category of sauna ceremonies aimed at calming and gaining strength. A wonderful atmosphere with pleasant music, dimmed light and delicate scents. Here, too, natural ingredients have the main word.

Competitors present their original concept of working with herbs and spices, infusions of aromatic plants, whisks. Everyone prepares a special mix of essential oils. The pageant ceremonies are something you won't forget for a long time! We will make you smell good inside and out.

As part of the competition, an expert jury evaluates the sauna practitioner's work, the quality of the ceremony, professionalism, hygiene, work with heat and special aromatherapy, and the use of nature. Relaxation-herbal rituals will take place in the largest dry sauna in Slovakia, in the Sauna Dome with a capacity of 100 people.


They are the main attraction of Herbal Cup, for eyes, nose and body. Royal procedures in the unique concept of our contestants. Peelings and scrubs, body care, facial masks, aromatherapy in the steam bath.

Saunas perform treatment and beautifying procedures using high-quality products, interesting combinations of herbs and other natural ingredients. It is necessary to know how to mix the peeling well, involve imagination and use knowledge. But the presentation is also very important - the design and explanation of the procedure and the meaning of the procedure. Everything is evaluated. Peels are displayed as real works of art, beautiful to look at.

Peeling procedures in the Svitanie steam sauna with a capacity of 20 people.



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Noc saunových rituálov

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Night of sauna rituals offline online on www.gopass.travel
Entry  32 € 30 € - buy online⇒
Entrance of guests of Hotel Bešeňová ***, Hotel Galeria Thermal ****, Hotel Akvamarín **** 22 € -

*entry only for persons 18+

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