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Why is Bešeňová better than swimming in nature?

Many of us are tempted to refresh ourselves in any water we see on hot summer days. But not every lake or river is safe for us. Due to hygiene and safety reasons, it´s far better to choose outdoor swimming pools or a water park, such as Bešeňová.

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Ako sa opáliť a nespáliť sa?!

Aby sa slniečko premenilo na peknú zdravú pokožku a načerpalo čo najviac vitamínov a hlavne vitamínu D je potrebné vedieť zvládnuť opaľovanie správne, preto tu máme niekoľko rád!

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A special sauna master has visited us

An honoured guest from far Malaysia paid us a visit along with his family in early February. We were very happy to welcome one of the best sauna masters of the world – Lay Pang Ong.

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We have been visited by an Ayurvedic practitioner

The exceptional visitor came to us from Indian Kerala. Dr. Sajeev K Pillai studied Ayurvedic medicine, which means "learning about life" in translation.

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Photography exhibition

With its title and a holistic concept Hotel Galeria Thermal Bešeňová is predestined to the natural symbiosis of health, peace and art.

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Módne trendy v Bešeňovej?

Konečne to prišlo, predstavenie letnej a ľudovej kolekcie šiat a oblečenia spolu s letnou sezónou znova obsadí nádherné prostredie Bešeňovej.

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A peel that brings juvenescence

Even our ancestors knew that peeling was something that helped our skin.

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Easter traditions in Bešeňová

Easter is a holiday that we all enjoy. The winter has finally left us, nature is waking up and the sun starts shining and giving us more warmth. Easter in Bešeňová cannot be without a rich programme; this time it´ll be something regional, Slovak and of course typical for Bešeňová.

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Can children stay in a sauna?

These are the typical diseases that parents fight in this age and that is why #bešeňová offers sauna relaxation also for children. So the answer to the question if children can stay in a sauna is a clear YES!

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Bešeňová has attracted film makers

The atmosphere of Bešeňová, nature and mainly the water park of #bešeňová are attractive not only for park clients but also film makers. This time it was the makers of a new Slovak film – The Interpreter, which is directed by Martin Šulík. He literally fell for Bešeňová.

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Top trips in the region of Liptov

The heart of Slovakia – Liptov is attractive all year round. Natural and cultural monuments, caves, summer activities and breathtaking views of the snow-covered Tatras. Liptov is one of the richest and most visited regions in Slovakia.

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A nice day in saunas

We didn´t feel like going skiing today. After three days of adventures on the pistes, morning Fresh Track, amusing slalom and a fun park, we have decided to relax our bodies.

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The legendary spring in the region of Liptov

It took only a million of years for water and stones to change to something healthy that can serve everybody. Luckily...


Discover your spring of energy

We all know it – every day is faster and faster, it´s almost impossible to stop. You begin every morning in a hurry and are daydreaming at work for hours...


Wellness & SPA Bešeňová

Spend time just for yourself and draw new strength. Wellness & Spa Bešeňová offers you time for true relaxation.